In 2013 in furtherance of its principal charitable object of conserving the architectural heritage of Bury St Edmunds, the Trust, in conjunction with the West Suffolk College established an annual Introductory Course in Historic Building Conservation. This was offered together with Scholarships in Building Conservation for young people to receive additional specialist conservation training.

This year (2018), a change has been made and practical training is being given to trade and B. Tech students. This involves their designing and constructing two, small Prototypes of Design (PoDs) using a range of traditional building materials (e.g. timber frames, wattle and daub, historic brick and flint, and clay lump) on the West Suffolk College site. As well as providing advice and technical help as required, specialist lectures cover the trades involved, and a general introduction to historic building types.  The completed structures (approximately the size of garden buildings), which can be built to order, will be offered for sale to assist in funding future years’ training. Anyone interested in ordering a PoD (if wished, constructed to a design to suit their requirements) should contact the Trust through our Contact Us page.

The BTT Scholarship in Historic Building Conservation

In addition to student training, the Trust offers around half a dozen Scholarships every year to a mix of trade and B. Tech students. Those who have completed the training are invited to apply and selection is by interview. Taking into account the practical work that individual students have undertaken, the awards also endeavour to reflect the range of trades involved and the scope of the B. Tech course. Successful applicants are offered further, specialist work experience with local contractors and companies during the summer months. The Trust is especially grateful to the firms offering this valuable experience to students.