In November 2015 the Trust published a report on the future of Bury St Edmunds Railway Station. Its purpose was to explain the urgent need, in combination with undertaking long neglected essential repairs, to take a holistic approach to resolving the many problems connected with this fine Grade II listed building, which is on the Victorian Society’s national top 60 Schedule of Notable Stations.

The report was sent to the Secretary of State for Transport drawing his attention to the need to ensure that the winner of the then forthcoming 2016 East Anglia Rail Franchise was given the necessary resources to complete the essential repair work and service enhancement.

In October 2019 BTT supported an ‘Access for All’ grant application to the Department for Transport by Greater Anglia for their proposed northern access to the station. In February 2020 the Department for Transport announced that the application had been successful and awarded Greater Anglia a grant of £688,000 towards the cost of the scheme. Once completed this will greatly improve safety for all. There will be a direct entrance from the north to the current booking hall thus avoiding having to walk from the recently completed car park to the north-west of the station down to the Fornham Road and then back up to the existing southern access, as well as saving regular commuters some 18 hours of extra walking every year.

The Trust is currently (March 2020) acting as coordinator for the Bury St Edmunds Rail Station Group which has welcomed the repairs that Greater Anglia are carrying out on the former station master’s house, and is working with them in an endeavour to put in place a full long-term repair and maintenance programme for the station which now has an annual footfall of some 660,000 passengers.

Railway Station Bury St Edmunds Past & Present Society.
Reproduced by permission of Bury St Edmunds Past & Present Society.